Crop Plans Worksheet

The Crop Plans worksheet is the control centre for MGM.

It holds the currently active set of crop plans (one or more) for editing and execution.

The following table provides a simple example of the layout and contents.

Crop Plans Example CP Saved: 1427 Oct 28 2004                    
  Stand Age Year Event Settings                    
      Crop Plans CropPlansID := Example CP                  
    Crop Plan CropPlanID := Help Ex. 2(Site=18)                  
    Options Region := 1 SubRegion := 7 _MinDbh := -1 _topdib := 0 _StumpHt := 0 _VolumeLoss := 10 AllowIngrowth := False Default_Sindex := 16 18 18 10 SppUtilStr := 111111111111111111111111
8 2011 Establish SourceIndex := 5 Seed := 0.7607 StandParsList := [Aw 8 18 2730 3.2 0.3 3.5 0.4 0.8,Sw 8 18 1100 2.9 0.6 2.3 0.5 0.8]          
8 2011 Record Sheet := Stand                    
8 2011 Grow Schedule := 12                    
20 2023 Grow Schedule := 10                    
30 2033 Thin RemRuleIndex := 1 RemAmtIndex := 4 RemovalAmt := 20 Species := Aw MinDbh := 15 HtDbhRatio := False          
30 2033 Loss RemRuleIndex := 1 RemAmtIndex := 3 RemovalAmt := 10 Species := Sw HtDbhRatio := False          
30 2033 Grow Schedule :=  20 10                    
60 1983 End                      

Notes on the layout for the worksheet:

  1. The first two rows are headers and MUST NOT be modified by the user.
  2. The bold item in row one is a copy of the CropPlansID.
  3. Beginning in row three, Crop Plan event describe one or more crop plans.
  4. The Crop Plan event must be the first event. It sets the Crop Plan identifier CropPlansID.
  5. Remaining rows list the relevant events for one or more crop plans.
    1. Special events: Options, Notes may appear before the first Crop Plan event.
    2. Crop plans may be separated by empty rows if desired.
    3. Crop plans are delimited beginning with a Crop Plan event and terminated by an End event.
    4. Each crop plan must have an Event Establish and at least one Event Grow.
  6. The currently active event is highlighted in yellow. This will change as the user works with different event.
  7. There are four columns providing details for each crop plan event
    1. Stand age -- stand age (years) for an event; initial stand age specified in the Event Establish.
    2. Year -- Calendar year for an event; initial year is specified in the Event Establish.
    3. Event -- the event name.
    4. Settings -- Beginning in worksheet column "E" are settings relevant to each crop plan event.

All crop plan events may be Inserted, Edited, or Deleted as required using the MGM Toolbar buttons or the right-click shortcut menu.

While inserting, editing and deleting crop plan events using the MGM Toolbar is the recommended practice, it is tempting to use some of the Excel editing operations, particularly cut and paste. If using these procedures, the following rules should be followed:

  1. The MGM Toolbar buttons or the right-click shortcut menu, must be used to insert and delete crop plan events. This prevents automatically adjusts the stand age and year settings as needed.
  2. Excel changes to event settings may be made directly or using copy/paste. Caution must be exercised here in that some settings have numerous code values that are most easily handled using the MGM Toolbar dialogs.
  3. Entire crop plans may be inserted or appended using the Excel Copy/Paste procedures. See Example 2 for use of this procedure.

Flagging changes : With the exception of Inserting or deleting rows or cells (not recommended) using Excel edit tools, changes to the Crop Plans worksheet cause the "Saved: ..." date in cell "E1" to be replaced by "CHANGES NOT SAVED". This is a reminder to the user that changes have been made. If they should be preserved, the user must save the Crop Plans worksheet using the "Save" button () on MGM Toolbar.

Saving and copying the Crop Plans worksheet

Normally the Crop Plans worksheet is saved using the MGM Toolbar button (). Whenever the MGM workbook is saved, the contents of the Crop Plans worksheet are also saved along with other workbook contents. A copy of the contents may also be copied using the Excel Copy command. Pasting the contents into a new worksheet or other document must be done using the "Paste Special|Values-Only" procedure to avoid unwanted links back to the parent MGM workbook.