Crop Plans Workbook

The MGM Crop Plans workbook contains previously saved Crop Plan worksheets. Crop Plans worksheets are saved using the Save button on the MGM Toolbar. Several examples are included showing some of the possible growth simulations that can be constructed using crop plans.

Normally the user should not need to open the MGM Crop Plans workbook. Changes to individual Crop Plans should be made by opening the Crop Plan in the MGM workbook, making changes using the MGM Toolbar buttons (e.g. Edit Event) and then saving the modified Crop Plan using the Save button on the MGM Toolbar.

However, old or unneeded Crop Plan worksheets may be deleted by opening the MGM Crop Plans workbook and manually deleting the plans that are no longer needed. This workbook may be opened while the MGM workbook is open, but may not be open while executing events in a Crop Plan.

Note that the New Crop Plan worksheets may NOT be deleted.

IF desired, use the MGM Tools menu item “Set MGM Workbook Names” to change the name of the MGM Crop Plans workbook.