Projecting Stand Growth

The simulation of stand development is controlled by a crop plan. The crop plan is a sequence of crop plan Events that determine the source and characteristics of the stand, the growth schedule, and the timing and method of other activities like thinning, harvest, and regeneration.

Typical information inputs are needed to prepare and execute a growth simulation using a crop plan includes age, site, the tree list (with its required information) and the planned events or treatments. When a crop plan is executed, the growth simulation occurs and outputs are obtained summarizing the results of the growth simulation.

The MGM workbook is used to specify initial stand conditions and crop plan events that influence the development of a stand. It also the provides the controls that run the actual growth simulation. Inputs, execution and outputs are all controlled by the MGM Toolbar. Other MGM workbooks (MGM Crop Plans, MGM stands, and MGM records) are utilized as needed during the development and execution and analysis of a growth simulation

Two detailed examples are provided here that show first how to develop a basic Crop Plan and second how to replicate simple crop plan to create a more complex analysis with three Crop Plans within the same Crop Plans worksheet. The best way to learn how the model works is to work through these two examples for yourself.

Once you have worked these two examples, you can learn more by studying the other ways to provide stand data (Creating and Importing Stand Data and Establish event) and also by studying some of the example Crop Plans included in the MGM Crop Plans workbook.