MGM Support Tools Download

MGM Support Tools Download

MGM Support Tools are utilities that facilitate the setup, execution, and analysis of MGM projections. These Support Tools are available in four Excel workbooks: "MGM Make Stands", the "MGM CMI Solver", the "MGM Record Extractor", and the "MGM Batch Macro". Each MGM Support Tool can be downloaded below with a step-by-step User's Guide.


MGM21 Yields Worksheet Data Dictionary

In MGM, the Yields Worksheet summarizes/compiles the tree list to obtain the periodic results of a MGM projection.  Some fields in the yields worksheet are based on "all the trees" in the tree list, other fields are conditioned by the "utilized species", while other fields  are conditioned by the "utilizations standard" chosen.  To properly interpret and use the Yields Worksheet, it is important to understand what conditions are applied to each field during compilation.

The MGM21 Yield Worksheet Data Dictionary describes the conditions that are applied to each field during compilation.


MGM Make Stands

The MGM Make Stands workbook prepares tree data for MGM, identifies common data errors, and creates MGM Stand Worksheets. The MGM Make Stands User's Guide also includes detailed instructions and formatting rules to prepare tree data for MGM.


MGM CMI Solver

The MGM CMI Solver workbook calculates mean Climate Moisture Index (CMI; Hogg et al. 2013) for the 30-year period between 1981-2010 using ClimateNA (Wang et al. 2016) Version 6.11 data. Mean CMI from 1981-2010 is required to run MGM’s climate-sensitive survival functions (Cortini et al. 2017; Comeau 2021a) and maximum size-density relationship (Comeau 2021b). CMI must be calculated using the MGM CMI Solver and ClimateNA Version 6.11 data. Other versions of ClimateNA may not be used to calculate CMI. The download link for ClimateNA Version 6.11 is available below.


*The MGM CMI Solver User’s Guide outlines:

  1. How to prepare input data for ClimateNA Version 6.11.
  2. How to install and run ClimateNA Version 6.11.
  3. How to calculate CMI using the MGM CMI Solver.


**ClimateNA (Wang et al. 2016) Version 6.11 is subject to its own terms of use.


MGM Record Extractor

The MGM Record Extractor workbook converts MGM Records (i.e. long-form MGM outputs) into a tabular format for data analysis. The MGM Record Extractor is designed to help users that execute crop plans using MGM’s Graphical User Interface (GUI). Users of the MGM Batch Macro do not need the MGM Record Extractor.


MGM Batch Macro

The MGM Batch Macro workbook allows MGM to run tens, hundreds, or thousands of projections using plot summary information and MGM Stand Worksheets (e.g. MGM Stands.xlsx). The MGM Batch Macro also records long-form MGM outputs in a tabular format for data analysis. Users of the MGM Batch Macro must be familiar with crop plan development, crop plan execution, and MGM’s options/establishment settings.


Technical Support

For technical support, email Please include screenshots of any MGM error messages, a copy of the MGM Crop Plan, and a copy of the MGM Stand Worksheet.


Last Modified: December 16, 2021