Crop Plan Projection Buttons

Four buttons on the MGM Toolbar are used to initiate execute crop plans. They differ only in how much processing is completed. These buttons are also available on the MGM shortcut menu by right-clicking on an event.

 Execute only the current Crop Plan up to and including the Current Event

Executes the current crop plan up to and including the current active event and then terminates execution. This is useful for partial or complete execution of a crop plan. The simulation can be stopped at any event within the crop plan.

 Execute only the current Crop Plan (the entire Crop Plan containing the Current Event)

Executes only a single Crop Plan and gives access to all results found in the different worksheets.

 Execute ALL Crop Plans up to and including the Crop Plan containing the Current Event

This button provides intermediate execution and may be useful in testing development of several crop plans.

 Execute ALL Crop Plans in the Crop Plans Worksheet

Starting with the first event in the Crop Plans worksheet, events are executed one at a time until a Stop or End event is encountered. Rarely an event cannot be completed and execution is aborted; if this happens, the user must attempt to correct the error and then Initialize the workbook using the MGMTools menu. Progress during the execution of crop plans is reported in the Excel Status Bar at the bottom of the Excel window. Simulation of growth for one or more stands can take several minutes or even longer longer depending on how many plans are processed. You may work on other things (not Excel, but other programs, for example, a word processor) while the simulations are completed in the background.

Interruption of execution:

Generally, you should avoid attempting to interrupt execution of crop plans. Attempts to interrupt execution by pressing the Escape (Esc) key or Break (Ctrl-Break) may not be successful. As a last resort you can press Ctrl-Alt-Del and use the Task manager to end the Excel task. However, this means all work in Excel will be lost and should not normally be necessary.

On completion of computations:

When execution is completed, the Record worksheet is activated so the user can review the results of simulation. The Stand, Yields, Charts, MyCharts and Graphs worksheets contain results based on the LAST crop plan to be executed.

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