The Record worksheet provides a complete record of the growth simulation. It includes a copy of the Crop Plans worksheet at the time of execution, any tree lists generated by a Record Stand event, and the final Yield table for each crop plan. In addition, any Notes or other messages generated during the growth simulation are shown.

Record worksheets may be found in several locations including:

  1. The MGM workbook
    1. The Record worksheet.
    2. Copies of the Record worksheet that are identified with "Record" as the first word in the worksheet name. These will only appear if they are created (copied) by the user.
  2. The MGM Records workbook
    1. The Save button on the MGM Toolbar will save a copy of the Record worksheet in the MGM Records workbook using the CropPlansID (Crop Plans worksheet, cell "C1") as the worksheet name.

The ViewRecord button allows you to import Records from any of these locations and generate charts or update the Charts and Yield tables worksheets for any crop plan within the Crop Plans worksheet/file.

Utilization and merchantability

The Record worksheet is basically a collection of contents from other worksheets pasted at appropriate times during the growth projection. Contents of the Record worksheet therefore reflect the contents of the origin worksheet. The two most common worksheets that appear as part of the Record worksheet are the Yields and Stand worksheets. Definitions of stand yield characteristics and and settings that affect their values are described in the discussion of the Yields worksheet and Options event. Similarly, the contents of the Stand worksheet may also appear in the Record worksheet.