Delete Event

The Delete event button () is used to delete all events except the Crop Plans.

If you select a Crop Plan, Establish, or End event, you will be asked whether or not you want to delete the crop plan containing the selected event.

Entire crop plans may be deleted by right-clicking on any event within the crop plan to be deleted and then selecting the entire plan on the shortcut menu. Once selected (note this means entire rows) the crop plan is deleted using the Excel Edit|Delete menu item.

Changes made using the Delete event button are flagged with the "CHANGES NOT SAVED." message in cell "E1".

Shortcut Tip: Right-click on an event within the Plan List of the Crop Plan worksheet to set the event as the Active, or Current, event. The shortcut menu appears and allows quick access to common MGM Toolbar buttons (Insert, Edit, Delete events and the execution button for executing the current Crop Plan up to the current event). These are the common controls used when constructing and testing new Crop Plans.