Viewing Managing Results

The primary inputs to a simulation are found in the Crop Plans worksheet. The primary results of a projection are found in the Record worksheet. The contents of the Record worksheet are collated from the Yields and Stand worksheets as each crop plan is projected. The Yields and Stand worksheets contain contain results of the last crop plan simulation unless modified by use of the View Record ( ) toolbar button. Description and definition of stand yield and tree characteristics are found in the sections on Yields and Stand worksheets.

Location of results

The results of a growth projection appear in a number of places including the MGM workbook, the WorkbooksBatch sub-directory, and the MGM Records workbook. The primary growth simulation product is the Record worksheet, but information found here is also found in other locations in the MGM workbook including the Charts, MyCharts, Graphs, Yields, Stand, and Stand Table worksheets. The Charts and MyCharts worksheets are updated when the user requests it or automatically by checking an option button in the View Record ( ) dialog window. The other worksheets reflect the results of the most recent growth projection.

The Record worksheet

The Record worksheet may be examined directly or you may use the View Record ( ) button on the MGM Toolbar to create or update charts in the Charts and Graphs worksheets. You may also create your own charts in the MyCharts worksheet. To view results of other simulations, obtain Record worksheets from from the most recent batch log or the MGM Records workbook. Importing a Record worksheet replaces the current contents of the Record worksheet.

Multiple Record worksheets within the MGM workbook are signalled by worksheet names beginning with "Record".

In some situations, it may be desirable to view the projection results for all or selected individual trees in the stand. An advanced feature is available that will allow access to the full tree list for every reporting age during projection of a single crop plan. For more information no usage of this feature, see the description of the Trees worksheet.

Saving results of a growth projection

While viewing the Record worksheet, it may be saved ( ) into the MGM Records workbook. Copies of the Record worksheet may copied and pasted into the MGM workbook provided that the worksheet is name begins with "Record " so it can be recognized as a Record worksheet. This technique permits you to keep results of several Crop Plans simulations together for quick and convenient review using the View Record ( ) button.

Copying data and charts to other worksheets or documents

Any worksheet data (Excel ranges) and charts from the MGM workbook may be copied for use in another worksheet or document. However, if the object that is copied includes formulas or named ranges, pasting it into another document will establish links to the MGM workbook. To avoid these links, use "Paste Special|Values Only" when pasting results from the MGM workbook into a new location. For charts, links may be avoided by pasting the chart as a picture rather than as an Excel chart object.

To take a copy of charts for use in other analysis or reports, point to the Charts or MyCharts worksheet tab at the bottom of window, right-click and make a copy to a new workbook. This copies the charts but also includes all names from the MGM workbook as links in the new location. To avoid this linkage, copy charts individually as desired. When a chart is copied by itself only the chart is retained. If you select more than one chart, the copy is pasted as a picture, not an Excel chart. Charts from the Graphs worksheet are linked to the Yields worksheet and must be pasted as pictures to avoid links to the MGM workbook.

To take a copy of the Record worksheet for use in other analysis or reports, point to the Record worksheet tab at the bottom of window, right-click and make a copy to a new workbook. This should provide a clean worksheet with no links or names associated with the MGM workbook. For additional notes see the Record worksheet description.

Entire worksheets including the Crop Plans (incomplete worksheet VBA code; no names or Links) and Stand (names but no Links) worksheets cannot be copied to a new location without causing unwanted references to the source MGM workbook. The safe approach is to use "Paste Special|Values Only" when pasting results from other parts of the MGM workbook into a new document.

For advanced users familiar with Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), worksheet data and charts are also accessible from external Excel workbooks as described in VBA User Interface.