Records Workbook

The MGM Records workbook contains copies of previously stored Record worksheets created in the MGM workbook as part of growth projections.

Record worksheets can be saved from the MGM workbook into the MGM Records workbook using the Save button on the MGM Toolbar.

TIP: When the Record worksheet is saved, the worksheet name will be taken as the entry in cell “C2”. Usually this is the same entry as the Crop Plans Identifier for the Crop Plans worksheet that created the Record. For special purposes an alternate entry here can be used to preserve several Record worksheets that might be created from variations of the same Crop Plans worksheet without saving the different Crop Plans worksheets. Note that this is not the same as batch processing.

MGM Record worksheets and the Records workbook provide a flexible way to preserve the results of growth projections. This worksheet, or its contents can be copied into other locations for additional analysis or reporting. The View Record button ( ) allows for Record worksheets to be retrieved for viewing in the MGM workbook.