Stands Workbook

The MGM Stands workbook containing copies of previously stored Stand worksheets.

This workbook may be opened while the MGM workbook is open, but must be closed before executing the Crop Plans worksheet.

In some instances it may be necessary to open this workbook to make slight editing changes to the settings for a stand.

Alternatively the stand may be retrieved, edited, and saved from within the MGM workbook. Using this procedure is somewhat more complex since the Stand must first be established by executing an Establish event within a crop plan. Then the stand may be edited manually and saved.

StrataCorners worksheet:

With MGM 2009 A StrataCorners worksheet allowed in the Stands workbook. It is to contain the stand (strata) coordinate (corner) data. There should be only one StrataCorners worksheet in the Stands workbook. If the worksheet StrataCorners is not found then it is assumed that there is no geographic data for stands in the Stands workbook.

To make processing easier and fully integrate multiple workbooks, the Stands workbook is now a setting in the Options event. This facilitates batch processing of complex MSS stands since CP can link to different Stands workbooks easily. This approach easily fits with existing workbooks without any modification of existing CP by retaining the current coding whereby the Stands (and other) workbooks have designated names. Options events with the new setting can be used to handle mutliple and single CP variations using the current assumptions that Options settings remain in effect until the next Options event changes them.

When an event Options is encountered during a CP projection, the StrataCorners worksheet in the MGM workbook is emptied. Then all coordinates are read from the StrataCorners worksheet in the current Stands workbook. For example, each group of related stands (strata in the MSS context) could be grouped into a single Stands workbook.

The StrataCorners worksheet and data, if any, is assumed to be located in the Stands workbook as the first worksheet. The stands workbook name can be set in the Options event. If present, StrataCorners data is read into the MGM workbook by the Options event; the MGM StrataCorners worksheet is locked and cannot

be edited in the MGM workbook. This assumption simplifies the coding by eliminating the need to coordinate changes that might accidentally or intentionally be made in the MGM workbook with the data in the Stands workbook. All editing of StrataCorners data should be done in the Stands workbook. As with other Options event settings, the stands workbook name is assumed to remain in effect until the next Options event is encountered.

Caution: Currently a maximum of 500 coordinates (corners)/strata are allowed. For coordinates obtained from a GIS system, it may be desirable to take a systematic sample of the coordinate (e.g. every 10th coordinate) to reduce the number to a level that can be handled by MGM.