New Features

MGM21 includes the user interface, model architecture, and core programming from previous versions of MGM. However, MGM21 includes major updates to key submodels and other supporting features.

MGM21’s new features include:

  • A climate and composition sensitive maximum size-density function for trees ≥ 4cm DBH (Comeau 2021b).
  • An updated self-thinning system for trees ≥ 4cm DBH.
  • Revised survival functions for balsam fir, jack pine, lodgepole pine, and black spruce without a tagging limit variable (Comeau 2021a).
  • Updated height increment and diameter increment functions for black spruce (Oboite and Comeau 2021).
  • Added white spruce competition to the height increment and diameter increment functions for juvenile white spruce < 4cm DBH (Comeau and Bokalo 2020).
  • Updated site index functions for Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and northeastern British Columbia.
  • A routine that estimates missing tree ages within MGM (i.e. Internal Age Solver).
  • Improved tree age estimates on regenerated trees.
  • A modified approach to estimate tree age for white spruce.
  • The updating of tree age estimates after stand establishment or thinning.
  • Updated diameter estimates in MGM’s Treelist Generator for untended deciduous trees.
  • Streamlined crop plans with fewer inputs.
  • Faster runtimes when using large Stand Workbooks.
  • 32-bit support for Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2019, and local installations of Microsoft Office 365.
  • 64-bit support for Microsoft Office 2019 and local installations of Microsoft Office 365.

A “Best Practices for Using the Mixedwood Growth Model” was posted on February 28, 2022. To download it click on this link: MGM21_Best_Practices_Feb_28_22

Last Modified: February 28, 2022