Normally, the Yields worksheet contains the yield table for the most recently executed crop plan. If the ViewRecord button has been used to view other projection results, the Yields worksheet may contain other values. Copies of the Yields sheet are automatically included in the Record worksheet.

Most of the column headers are understandable. the prefix "C_" denotes the conifer component and "D_" denotes the deciduous component. The prefix "st" denotes a stand characteristic. Other definitions include:

Den = Density = number of trees/ha
TDen = Density of all trees/ha in the stand ignoring merchantability and utilization
AvDbh = average diameter (cm) at 1.3 m height
AvHt = average height of trees (m)
TBa = total basal area (m2/ha)
Tvol = total volume (m3/ha)
Slndr = average height/average diameter
QMD = quadratic mean diameter (cm)

Utilization and merchantability

Yield reports include only trees of the "utilized" species and that are larger than the minimum DBH. These settings are specified in the Options event. This means that for young stands, there may be no density or other yield values or that the densities may be less than that specified for stand establishment. Stand volumes are also dependent on utilization setting specified in the Options event.

Advanced Feature: The worksheet range A1:V40 is used for the Yields table; graphs for the columns of the table are created automatically in the Graphs worksheet. A User Area (Columns W to AL) can be used for subsidiary calculations on Yields table. Be sure to follow the same layout for the column as shown above with the header in row 2 and the formula defined in row 3. Formulas are automatically filled for the table during projection. User formula results are also included in the Record worksheet (values only). Examples are found in both worksheets. Comments may be used to provide definitions for the formulas.

The rules for defining user variables are:

The variable name must appear in row 2. Comments may be added to these cells.
The formula for computation must be given in row 3 and it must be in a form suitable for automatic FillDown.
Formulas should not refer to variables on another worksheet. This permits a clean copy of the Record worksheet if it is copied to a new workbook.

Currently the Yields worksheet includes several user formulas. They were added to complete a simple financial analysis using net present value (NPV) computations. Comments in the first row of user columns in the Record worksheet contain details and explanation of formulas used in computing NPV for stands.

Yields worksheet entries are normally based on trees of utilized species with DBH > minDBH, both set in the Options event. Exceptions are indicated in the table below. “C_” and “D_” prefixes are for conifer and deciduous components “st” prefix denotes a stand characteristic that includes both confer and deciduous species.