Insert Event

Crop plan events are inserted by clicking on the Insert Event button () on the MGM Toolbar or the shortcut menu that appears when an event row is right-clicked with the mouse. The new event is inserted BEFORE the currently active event. Navigation buttons may be used as needed to activate the event before which the insertion should occur. Dialogs will appear for each event to allow the various settings to be made.

Restrictions and special cases:

  1. Option event
    1. At least one Option event must appear in the sequence of crop plans. It may appear before the first crop plan if desired.
    2. Option settings remain in effect for all subsequent crop plans until another Options event is encountered.
    3. Option events may not be inserted after the Establish event in a crop plan.
  2. Notes events may be placed anywhere including before the first crop plan.
  3. Crop plan Events may not be inserted after the End event for the last Crop Plan.
  4. Inserting crop plan(s) into a sequence of plans or appending crop plan(s) is accomplished using Excel "Copy" and "Insert copied cells" tools. The following procedure must be followed carefully using the Excel Edit menu:
    1. Select entire rows for CP(s) to copy or right-click on an event within the CP to copy and click "Select current Crop Plan" menu item.
    2. Press Ctrl-c to copy selection
    3. Click on the first cell in the row before which CP is to be inserted
    4. Edit|Insert copied Cells
    5. To insert a second copy, immediately press Ctrl-c to copy the same selection
    6. Edit|Insert copied Cells
    7. Repeat as 5 and 6 as necessary for additional insertions of the same crop plan

Changes made using the Insert event button are flagged with the "CHANGES NOT SAVED." message in cell "E1".

Shortcut Tip: Right-click on an event within the Plan List of the Crop Plan worksheet to set the event as the Active, or Current, event. The shortcut menu appears and allows quick access to common MGM Toolbar buttons (Insert, Edit, Delete events and the execution button for executing the current Crop Plan up to the current event). These are the common controls used when constructing and testing new Crop Plans.