In some situations, it may be desirable to view the projection results for all or selected individual trees in the stand. The MGM Toolbar contains an advanced feature that will include the full tree list for every reporting age during projection of a single crop plan. The tree data appears in the Record worksheet as well as in the temporary Trees worksheet and two related chart sheets.

The "Trees", "Trees Chart 1" and "Trees Chart 2" worksheets are temporary worksheets that are created by

  1. preparing or opening the crop plan to be projected
  2. activating the "Record All Trees" item in the MGMTools menu found on the MGMToolbar
  3. projecting the growth for a SINGLE crop plan

The tree data also appears in the Record worksheet. The two chart sheets portray typical tree characteristics that are of interest at the different reporting ages.

This feature works ONLY for a single Crop Plan projection and is automatically deactivated after the projection. The temporary sheets are automatically deleted on initiation of another crop plan projection. To save contents of these sheets they must be copied/pasted, renamed, or moved to another location (e.g. workbook).