MGM Tools

The MGM Tools menu provides a number of general functions that affect the operation or appearance of the MGM System. The MGM Tools menu is found on the MGM toolbar.

The following selections are available:

Button Description
About MGM MGM model and workbook Version information
MGM HelpWeb.pdf Opens local copy of HelpWeb in PDF format; Adobe Acrobat Reader is required
Go to MGM Help Internet Site Link to MGM web site
Initialize Workbook (seldom required) For those who get themselves into trouble and MGM refuses to cooperate. If you're really in trouble, save your work (if it's worth saving), exit from Excel (or even shut down Windows) and start again. If all else fails, retrieve a new copy of the MGM workbook from your installation directory.
Set MGM workbook names Allows changes to the current settings for MGM workbook names (Crop Plans, Record, and Stands). Linkages among workbooks are preserved using the new names. This can be handy for keeping files for several analysis projects separate.
Set SVS exe path/file name dialog opened that permits browsing to the location of the SVS Stand visualization program executable file (WINSVS.EXE).
Edit MGM Notes... This menu item invokes a dialog that allows the user to place notes and reminders into the workbook. A checkbox controls the display of these notes on start-up.
Interpret Crop Plan Creates a new worksheet containing an 'interpreted' version of the current Crop Plan sheet. The interpreted crop plan lists the settings you choose in editing dialogs rather than the terse settings shown in the crop plan itself.
New Stand Wizard Activates a sequence of dialogs to aid in entering data for "External Source" stands to be stored in the MGM Stands workbook. See the topic Creating and Importing Stand data for further details.
Batch CP projections Allows batch processing of multiple Crop Plans worksheets already saved into the MGM Crop Plans workbook.
Record All Trees (advanced users) Triggers recording of tree list at each reporting age in a projection. Tree data is available for sorting, selection, and charting using the temporary Trees and related sheets.
Watch Trees Grow (pauses each year) Provides a means to observe the yearly changes in the largest trees in the stand.
Generate MSS Strata corners Presents a series of input windows for creating strata coordinates needed for Adjacent Shade growth adjustments and/or Visualize events. The initial dialog presents instructions:
Show current Options Settings Displays a window showing current Options settings.
Visualize Stand worksheet This button invokes a Visualize event for the current contents of the Stand worksheet. It does NOT allow the for other Strata (sub-stands) in an MSS CP. For better control, insert Visualize events into the Crop Plan
Site Tool A dialog tool that allows computation of height for different site and age values.
Diameter Tool A dialog that allows computation of diameter related characteristics for individual trees (e.g. stump Diameter and volume)
Sort Trees Provides a dialog for sorting the tree list maintained in the Stand worksheet of the MGM workbook.
Check Stands Workbook Data This initiates a scan of Stands found in the Stands.xls workbook. Errors in data (e.g. invalid species codes or impossible values for DBH) are identified.
Toggle Voice Messages Turns MGM sound effects on or off. This feature may not be available on all computers.