Tips, Shortcuts, and more

Be sure you make a copy of the Workbooks directory rather than working in the original installation directory. This preserves the original if anything goes wrong and also simplifies updating if that is needed. It also allows you to keep your work in the same location as other documents you normally work on (e. g. My Documents). Note also that the copy must contain all the original contents but can also contain multiple copies of the workbooks and also that the workbook name can be changed as needed.

Multiple Crop Plans can be placed sequentially on the same Crop Plans worksheet. See the overview of Crop Plans and the second do-it-yourself example (Crop Plans Design and Test ).

The Charts and MyCharts worksheets can be automatically or manually updated after each projection. See the description of the View Record ( ). button.

The MyCharts worksheet provides a good way to separate results from the conifer and deciduous components in a projection. You can construct your own set of charts with a lot of flexibility. See the description of the View Record ( ). Charts can also be modified and the modifications will usually be retained
for subsequent projections.

Options for a series of Crop Plans are easily set. The Options event can be inserted at the beginning of a sequence of Crop Plans. Options settings remain in effect until another Options event is encountered (Options event).

Variations on a crop plan, particularly slight variations on the same Crop Plans worksheet can easily be saved with unique names. See the tip found in the description of the Records workbook.

Excel Copy and Paste can be used to save contents of some worksheets, charts and other outputs. Some limitations are needed. For charts it is often best to paste them as Pictures rather than Excel charts. Some worksheets should not be copied (e.g. the Crop Plans worksheet and the Stand worksheet); however, the Record worksheet contains the essential Crop Plan data and Stand records can be retained using the Record event. If a graphic is needed, it is best to Paste worksheets, cell ranges or charts as Picture to avoid problems.

If things don't seem to work as they should, by all means contact the Developer. There are also things that can sometimes be done to tailor a projection if needed and we may be able to work something as needed.

Complex composition on establishment can be created by using a combination of Establish and Regen events at the same establishment age.

Scales on charts are easily modified by right clicking on the scale to be changed.

Include only desired species in the Yields and Record sheets using the Species utilization tab on the Options event.

User formulas can be added to the Yields worksheet. See the advanced feature described in the discussions of Yields worksheet.

Access to individual tree characteristics at each reporting age is available for a single CP using the MGMTools menu found on the MGMToolbar.