Event Thin

Edit: Dialog
Insert: Yes
Delete: Yes
Action: Removes tree representatives from the current stand according to the rules and settings specified by the user. Only one species at a time may be specified.
Use several consecutive thin events to remove more than one species.

Regional codes are available to identify species to thin.
Minimim Dbh
For a Thin event, the minimum Dbh to remove may be specified by the user. If no value is found, this setting defaults to the merchantability setting for minimum Dbh from the most recent Options event.
Removal Rule List

  • With the smallest diameter trees first
  • With the shortest trees first
  • With the largest diameter trees first
  • With the tallest trees first
  • Proportionally across all diameters

Removal Amount Rule List

  • Remove a fixed amount of density
  • Remove a total basal area of
  • Remove a fixed % of density
  • Remove a fixed % of basal area
  • Remove until the specified density is achieved
  • Remove until the specified basal area is achieved

Amount to be removed is the number of units (e.g. %, depends on Removal rule chosen.)MSS sub-stand ID must be provided for an MSS CP. It only appears as a part of the dialog window if the CP is identified as an MSS CP.