Event Grow

Edit: Dialog

Insert: Only after an Establish event

Delete: Yes

Action: The Grow event "grows" the current stand based on annual change relationships and according to a schedule specified by the user as a sequence of stand ages at which stand yield is to be reported. At each stand age in the schedule, the latest yields are calculated and appended to the yield table in the Yields worksheet.

Growth in an MSS CP is projected sequentially each year for each sub-stand.

While the stand is being “grown”, messages appear in the status bar (if visible) at the bottom of the Excel window. Excel may not be used while a Grow event is executing. Pressing the Escape (Esc) key interrupts a growth projection. It may take a few moments while it waits for a pause in computations.

Growth Schedule: These ages input as one or more stand ages greater than the current stand age. Multiple reporting ages are separated by spaces. These ages determine when yield reports are generated for inclusion in the Yields worksheet. The ages are converted into a schedule of growth intervals.

Single event/Multi-event growth schedule: Choose the appropriate radio button to create a single Grow event or a multi-event schedule. The latter
is appropriate if you want to do thinning at selected ages since each growth interval appears as a separate Grow event.