Event Visualize

Edit: Dialog
Insert: Yes
Delete: Yes

This event creates a graph picture of the stand at the stand age when the event occurs. The picture is created using the Stand Visualization System (SVS) program developed by the US Forest Service. Pictures are place into the UserWorkArea worksheet and also in a sub-directory "SVS-MGM Image Files".

Multiple Visualize events may be placed in one or more CP in the Crop Plan worksheet. When a new growth projection for all or part of the Crop Plan worksheet is initiated, all existing visualization pictures and image files are deleted. Pictures and files are deleted even if no Visualize events are found in the new growth projection.

To utilize this event, the SVS software must be installed on the users computer. If the software is not found, the user is prompted to provide the location. If no location is given, Visualize events are skipped and a warning message is placed into the Record worksheet.

The "SVS-MGM Image Files" sub-directory also includes the required input files for SVS. These can be retained and used independently with SVS as desired.

File names include the CpID and Stand age in the name. If more than one Visualize event occurs at the same age, a sequence number is added to the file name.

The MGM Toolbar includes a button to produce a visualization of the current contents of the Stand worksheet. Existing pictures are not deleted by this button.


Caution: This events uses a public ShellAndWait module obtained externally (Chip Pearson, chip@cpearson.com, www.cpearson.com ). Depending on the complexity of an MSS stand this processing can take up to 40 seconds for complex MSS stand and could possibly lead to a timeout error after that amount of time. This may require some adjustment based on experience. If you encounter this problem, please report it to the Developers.