Ex. 3: (Phase 5.) Analyze the results

When execution terminates successfully, check the contents of the Record worksheet to verify that there were no major errors during the simulation.

If all seems to be in order, we may view the results in several locations with or without some tools.

  1. We can examine the Record and other worksheets directly to see the results.
    1. The Record worksheet includes any error messages as well as the Yields for each crop plan.
    2. Immediately after completion of the simulation:
      - the Yields, Stand, and Graphs worksheets portray results of the last Crop Plan executed.
      - the Charts and MyCharts worksheets portray results of all the Crops Plans executed in the last run.
    3. We can save the Record worksheet into the MGM Records.xls workbook from which it may be retrieved for later viewing using the ImportRecord button on the MGM Toolbar. However, this step is not usually required since the Record is also saved automatically during the growth projection and can also be retrieved using the ViewRecord button () on the MGM Toolbar.
    4. The Record worksheet may be copied and pasted into other workbooks or locations for other analysis or summary. The original Record worksheet in the MGM workbook must be preserved since it is used both other tools for summarizing results in a graphic form.
  2. We can use the ViewRecord button () on the MGM Toolbar to update the Yields and Graphs worksheets to show the results for any of the crop plans.
    1. Click on Graphs Worksheet (option 1) to view graphs from any Crop Plan.
    2. Select the desired Crop Plan from the dropdown list box.
    3. Click the Update Charts button .
  3. We can use the ViewRecord button () on the MGM Toolbar to prepare a predefined set of charts comparing the runs. This includes a number of common graphs that chart yields against age, dbh, and ht.
    1. Click on the Charts Worksheet (option 2)
    2. Click the Update Charts button.
  4. We can use the ViewRecord button () on the MGM Toolbar to prepare one or more charts that we may define to compare the runs.
    1. Click on the MyCharts Worksheet (option 3).
    2. Click on the x-axis dropdown box to select the x-variable.
    3. Click on the y-axis dropdown box to select the y-variable.
    4. If desired, clear the MyCharts worksheet by clicking the Clear MyCharts Sheet button . This allows for several charts to be prepared and retained. Existing charts can be updated using MyCharts Worksheet Update (option 4).
    5. Click the Update Charts button.
  5. When finished click the Close button to close the ViewRecord dialog window and return to the MGM workbook.

Working with other software (copy/paste)

Because of the complexity of the MGM workbook, special care is needed when transferring results of the growth projections to other software for additional analysis or reporting (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel). These are described in the Outputs page.