Ex. 3: (Phase 4.) Execute Crop Plan

A) Evaluation of Simulated Tree Lists

Executing a crop plan for the first time is almost always done by using the Execute Crop Plan to the current event button (). In this example we are not only doing this to test the establishment of the crop plan but also evaluate the tree lists that were simulated through out the projection.

  1. Highlight the first record event and execute the Execute Crop Plan to the current event button ().
  2. Viewing the simulated tree list can be done in 3 different worksheets.
    • Record worksheet
    • Stand worksheet

B) Execution of the Full Crop Plan

Execution of a Crop Plan is initiated using one of the MGM Toolbar buttons. One button allows execution of all or part of a single Crop Plan (). The () allow for the execution of the entire selected crop plan.

Using this button, all or part of a crop plan can be evaluated for correctness. The easiest way to do the execution is to right-click at the last event you want to evaluate and click the Execute CP to this Event button on the shortcut menu.