Ex.1 (Phase 5) Analyze the results

If the full Crop Plans worksheet is executed, the results of the growth simulation appear in several forms in different locations within the MGM workbook.

  • The Stand worksheet shows the stand at the end of the simulation.
  • The Yields worksheet is a tabular summary of the stand yields at the end of each growth interval.
  • The Graphs worksheet portrays the stand yield characteristics in graphical form .
  • The Record worksheet provides the most complete summary of the simulation results including a copy of the Crop Plans worksheet, any tree lists generated by a Record Stand events, and the final Yields table.
  • Additional facilities for examining simulation results are activated with the MGM Toolbar View Record button ().  With more experience, this will become your primary analytical tool.

In this particular example, you should familiarize yourself with the changes to tree lists reported at different times during the projection and the contents of the Yields and Graphs worksheets.