Ex. 4 : (Phase 1) Design of an understory protection strip harvest system ignoring shade

It is recommended that you keep the Help file open and alternate between the Help file and Excel to duplicate the various phases of the design and test of the crop
plan. In the following instructions, the buttons shown in parentheses are for illustration only. You must use the MGM Toolbar in the MGM workbook when initiating
an action with one of the buttons.  

MGM User Workshop 2009 Example 4 Understory protection strip harvest

Phase 1 (UP system ignoring inter-stand shade)

Start the Crop Plan

       1. Click the MGM Toolbar Open button (

      2. entry and press OK. When prompted, click OK to delete the existing Crop Plan. It should look something like:Untitled Click on the

Crop Plans




Saved: 8/11/00 12:31:24 PM


Stand Age








Crop Plans

CropPlansID := Untitled











Crop Plan

CropPlanID := Untitled


























       1.Crop Plans event. button (
Event Go to previous Crop Plan event to make it the active event (highlighted in yellow). You can also click the Crop Plans Right-click on the

      2. will be saved under in the MGM Crop Plans workbook.
. This is the name this worksheet Help Example 4Edit Crop Plans dialog.  Name the Crop Plans button (Edit Press the

      3.. This name will be part of the graph legends, so a short name is desirable.UP-no shade  as
Edit Crop Plan dialog.  Specify a crop plan identifier, such button (Edit event, then press the Crop Plan Activate the

Set up the spatial layout of the stand strata

      4. you will need to set up a strip layout.  When you’re ready, click OK.
Click on the MGM Tools Menu at the bottom of Excel. Select “Generate MSS Strata Corners…” item. The first dialog tells you what information
To set up the spatial layout of the understory protection strips, a tool is provided to generate simple rectangular polygon corners. 

       1.. Choosing No would append these values to existing ones.Yes Click Open. When prompted whether you wish to over-write previous corners, select
. MGM Stands.xls where you wish to store the layout information. Here we will use book Begin by selecting the MGM Stands work

      2.  strips (strata) to simulate one cycle of an understory protection harvest system (wind protection strip to the next wind strip).  Click OK.5 Specify

      3. m.200The length (long axis) of the strips is

      4. (zero) degrees.0The orientation of the strips’ long axis in this example is

      5. m. 3 . Set its width to WindProtectionName the first (left-side) stratum

      6.m. 6 . Set its width to WestRetentionName the second stratum

      7.m.6 (for machine corridor). Set its width to MC Name the third stratum

      8.m. 6 . Set its width to EastRetentionName the fourth stratum

      9.m. 3 (Note every polygon must have a unique name). Set its width to WindProtection2Name the fifth (right-most) stratum

   10.). Note you can re-run this tool to delete and re-do the strip coordinates if you choose.No  open (answer
 or further editing (answer No). In this example, we wish to add a landing across the north end of the strips so we will leave the Stands workbook
You will be asked if you wish to save and close the Stands workbook (answer Yes), or if you wish to leave it open without saving for checking

   11.  or GPS. If you wish you can build a line graph to check your coordinates, following the example in MGM Stands.xls.
names. It is important that coordinates be in either clockwise or anticlockwise order –as if you traversed the boundary with a compass and chain
 closing the polygon by repeating the first coordinate at the end (0, 100). Enter these five (x, y) coordinates in the five rows next to the landing
 the bottom of the list. The four coordinates (x , y) of the landing polygon are (0, 100), (24, 100), (24, 150), (0,150). We use the convention of
toLandingThe landing takes up 20% of the block area.  On the Stratacorners worksheet in the MGM Stands workbook add 5 rows of the name

   12.Your Stratacorners worksheet should look like this: