MGM Research Notes

MGM Research Notes contain additional information to describe MGM’s submodels and help users run MGM simulations. Please contact the author(s) listed on each MGM Research Note if you have any questions or concerns.



2019-1: Estimating site index using ecosite and edatope in Alberta and Saskatchewan

2019-2: Species SI conversion equations for Alberta and Saskatchewan



2020-1: Estimating site index using ecosite guides for Western Canada

2020-2: Incorporating effects of spruce competition on growth of juvenile spruce

2020-3: Recalibrating the MGM tree list generator to enable use of Reforestation Standard of Alberta data



2021-1: Survival probability models for seven western boreal tree species

2021-2: Maximum size-density relationships for western boreal and montane forests

2021-3: Updated height and diameter growth models for black spruce in western Canada


MGM Best Practices

The MGM Best Practices document includes instructions to help users deploy MGM in common growth and yield contexts.

Best Practices for Using the Mixedwood Growth Model (MGM21 – VS8.2.21.39 / Rev6378)


Last Modified: March 4, 2022